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What We Do

Skills for an Inclusive Future aims to unlock the transformative potential of the private sector to prepare underserved populations for the skill requirements of the future.

Rapid digital transformations, changing demographics, and emerging sectors requiring specific skills, such as the digital and greening economies are challenging traditional education and training systems. These trends could have adverse or beneficial effects on currently underserved populations. Skills development approaches need to be updated to better respond to today’s challenges and seize the opportunities of tomorrow, and the role of the private sector will be critical in this transition.

The S4IF Network will exist to support private and public sector organizations to learn from, and partner with, each other, with the ultimate aim of fostering collaboration in order to remove barriers to skills and employment opportunities to currently under-served populations. S4IF will create a global platform for best practice and thought leadership and support the ultimate goal of empowering under-served communities through equal employment opportunities.


Core Service Lines Of The Network

S4IF will focus on four core service lines, all in service of the Future of Work

Developing Public Private Partnerships

  • Connecting and supporting existing EBRD / UNDP partnerships, and building new partnerships, focused on inclusive skills development, digital transformation, and preparing for the Future of Work
  • Providing a moderated platform for public-private dialogue in the context of inclusive skills development

Fostering Membership

  • Building a membership pipeline of private sector actors and trailblazers that will collaborate to put network initiatives into practice
  • Engaging & mobilizing network members to foster new partnerships, exchange knowledge and spearhead initiatives through peer-to-peer learning opportunities communities of practice

Knowledge & Advisory

  • Providing access to a repository of best practices and actionable guidance on key themes that can be applied to initiatives, partnerships, and policy reform dialogue
  • Providing technical assistance and developing products to continuously build a knowledge base & drive thought leadership on effective approaches to inclusive skills development and inclusive employment.

Resourcing Initiatives

  • Identifying opportunities to support and initiate projects through access to resources, new partnerships, local operational report, and access to actionable best practices

Alignment With SDGs

Directly Contributed SDGs

S4IF network initiatives will extend efforts to provide under-served groups with access to technical & vocational trainings, hence increasing the number of people receiving a quality education

S4IF network will apply an inclusion lens to skills development initiatives ensuring that women can benefit from equal opportunities in participating to economic life and enhance use of technology to promote the empowerment of women

S4IF network initiatives will aim at achieving higher levels of productivity through technological upgrading & innovation while leading to productive employment and decent work for women, youth and migrant populations

Other Related SDGs