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Why Join

S4IF aims to unlock the transformative potential of the private sector to prepare underserved populations for skills for the future.

The S4IF Network provides opportunities for all partners within the ecosystem to connect with each other and to share and guide adoption of best practices beyond the individual business level. The ecosystem provides access to methods and a repository of knowledge and advisory products that partners can access, contribute to and amplify.

We provide:

  • Platform for Recognition & Greater Visibility
    • S4IF features member companies through various communication channels, case studies, events and webinars
    • Through its global platform, S4IF provides visibility and recognition to members’ skill development initiatives
  • Access to Partnership & Networking Opportunities
    • Peer-to-peer networking and learning opportunities with top companies and leading organizations
    • S4IF facilitates linkages between businesses, knowledge partners, funders and other resources
  • Opportunity to Expand Knowledge & Implementation Capacity
    • Benefit from technical assistance and knowledge products on inclusive skills development developed by experts
    • Unique access to ‘best-in-class’ approaches and guidance on Future of Work agenda
  • Support in Impact Measurement
    • Well-rounded impact measurement services to help members monitor and evaluate their inclusive skills development initiatives for continuous improvement
  • Enhanced Position in Industry via Contributing to Skills Agenda
    • Foster comparative advantages through taking part in the implementation of industry relevant skills building initiatives